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What are the must-have Conference audio visual Equipment?

Conference rooms have comfortable chairs, coffee, snacks and other luxuries but they rarely have the conference equipment that is needed or required. To use the space adequately for its intended purposes, the conference room needs to be equipped with the right tools.

Must-have equipment for a conference

A lot of things can happen at a conference. Whether it is a presentation or voting that the conference is being held for, equipment plays an important role. Audio and visual tools are the most basic conference equipment that must be present in a conference room.

The audio tools for a conference include:

  • Microphone
  • Speakers
  • Mixers
  • Headsets
  • Moderation systems

The video/visual tools needed for a conference include:

  • Computers
  • LED walls
  • Projectors
  • Screens

We will discuss the most common conference equipment here in the following context.

Conference microphones

Conferences are held in a formal setting and they have participants from around the world. Some of the participants may even speak a foreign language and may not understand the language that the conference is being held in. This is where microphones come into play. Every participant of the conference is provided with microphones and headsets so that they can hear what other participants are saying and if they want to speak, they can use their own microphones.

All the microphones are connected to a system which processes all the audio inputs from microphones and then conveys the audio message to other participants. Broadcasting a conference without microphones will be impossible.

Conference Audio Systems

Microphones, speakers, and other tools for a conference are connected to the audio system. The audio system processes all the sounds coming from microphones and prepares them for transmission via in-house speakers or broadcasting devices. Without an audio system, it would be impossible to separate different sounds and you will not be able to broadcast them.

Conference headsets

From small-scale meetings to large-scale conferences, headsets are necessary. They are also connected to the audio system and through them, participants can hear what the other participants are speaking. Advanced conference headsets even come with built-in translators so the international members of a conference can understand every word.

Video conference equipment

As listed above, video equipment for a conference includes a variety of devices such as projectors, screens, and computers. These equipment should also come with audio integration as well as intelligent software that should feature the following qualities:

  • High Definition video support
  • Chat support
  • Video recording
  • VoIP
  • Dynamic presentation
  • Screen sharing

The software used for video conferences should be able to connect conference participants to other participants or teams working remotely in real-time.

Conference voting system

Voting is an important part of any conference. When certain matters need resolving, a vote is taken from all the participants against or in favor of an agenda. Conference rooms where voting takes place often should be equipped with a voting system. The voting system should be able to provide instant results as well as insights and analysis. Smartphone-integrated voting systems and hardware-based voting systems are the two types of equipment most commonly used for this purpose.

FAQs about conference equipment

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about conference equipment.

What is a conference audio system?

All the microphones, headsets, and other audio devices are connected to an audio system. The system processes and manages the sounds coming from microphones and transmits them to headphones or headsets of the participants and any other outer recipient.

What should I look for in conference video software?

HD video quality, screen sharing & recording, chat, and audio input are some of the features needed in video conference software. Look for these qualities while buying one.

What are the main components of conference equipment?

Audio and video hardware are the two main components of equipment used in any conference.

Is the conference equipment integrated with software?

Yes, the software is necessary for a conference especially when the conference is being broadcasted or live-streamed to other people.

Why is video equipment vital for a conference?

In recent times, remote is way more common than before. So, if participants want to attend a conference remotely, video equipment makes sure that they can participate in it.

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